ADM is the Australian Distributor of the Zutora SeedMaster-4


ADM is excited to announce the appointment as the Australian Distributor of Zutora products.  

Zutora is a Hungarian industrial software, process control and automation developer within the global sugar industry. Starting in 2014, Zutora has revolutionised processes focusing on the crystallisation process of sugar refinement, developing technologies, and creating efficiencies for sugar producers, saving on resources, producing higher quality sugar and higher production output.  

ADM is excited to provide Australian customers with the Seedmaster-4, the latest in Zutora’s supersaturation monitoring and control system. If you would like to know more about Zutora’s SeedMaster-4, and how it can be implemented within your production crystallisation phase, please contact our Zutora Product Leader, Neil Lister.  

ADM Zutora Product Leader, Neil Lister.
Neil Lister 
1300 236 467