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ADM Nuclear Technologies is Australia’s premier distributor of Thermo Scientific radiation detection and monitoring products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures a wide range of quality radiation monitors, detectors and survey meters. Their instrumentation is widely used in the nuclear industry, DOE National Laboratories, national and international safeguards organisations, defence and law enforcement agencies. The range of Thermo Scientific radiation detection products that we can supply includes:

Dosimetry - With a choice of passive, active and real-time extremity radiation monitoring you’ll have an available dosimetry device suitable for your cardiology, pharmacy, and nuclear medicine or oncology applications.

Portable radiation detectors - Available are a wide range of portable survey meters for the accurate measurement of surface radiation contamination. They make Ideal instruments for X-rays, alpha, beta and gamma detection. Being highly portable means they are excellent for measuring waste handling situations where there is a radioactive present. Using the correct probe, you can also measure down to accepted levels of gamma detection, while surveying X-ray background intensity.

Gate and Portal radiation monitors – ADM  installs, services and calibrates vehicle monitoring systems that have been designed to monitor a variety of vehicles, identifying undesirable sources of radiation commonly found in scrap metal. This ensures that they are rejected before they can cause harm to people, property or product.

Installed radiation detection systems - If you require an industrial area monitor, we can supply you with a choice of installed monitors for public, controlled and research facility safety. Based on the successful RadEye family, the monitors can detect X-rays, gamma, alpha and beta radiation. The technology can also be used on airborne contaminants and is adaptable for border control frisking equipment or detecting contamination hotspots on industrial workers.

Integrated radiation detection systems - By utilising your on-site local area network (LAN), viewpoint interface software and a range of multi point or point to point devices gives you a real time notification system for your hospital, laboratory or emergency room. The system is scalable, highly customisable and offers the benefits of storing all remote data centrally.

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