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ADM has been selling and supporting SEIKA Inclinometers in Australia for decades, and we pride ourselves in having a large local stock holding so that our clients can have the inclinometers in the shortest possible time frame.

Seika Mikrosystemtechnik GmbH is a German manufacturer that develops inclinometers that have a super high resolution and a stable measurement. 

Common applications where Seika inclinometers are used. 

  1. Construction: It is common to mount a Seika inclinometers in construction projects of buildings to measure the smallest amount of incline change in columns for example. Seika inclinometers help monitor the tilt and inclination of all structures, ensuring safety and stability.
  2. Mining: In underground operations, Seika inclinometers assist in controlling the slope of tunnels, shafts, and excavation sites.
  3. Vehicles: Seika inclinometers are integrated into vehicles (such as trucks, cranes, and bulldozers) to measure angles related to stability, leveling, and safety.
  4. Aircraft and Ships: They play a crucial role in aviation and marine applications, helping maintain proper orientation during flight or navigation.
  5. Transportation and Conveyor Systems: In transportation and logistics, inclinometers ensure cargo stability and prevent accidents.
  6. Process Control: Seika inclinometers are used in industrial processes to monitor equipment alignment and ensure precise positioning.
  7. Safety Engineering: They contribute to safety systems by detecting deviations from the desired angle or inclination. 

The typical output signal from a SEIKA Inclinometer is analog such as 4-20mA or voltage, and they are mostly loop-powered, not requiring a separate power supply line. Typical measurement ranges are ±10 degrees, ±30 degrees and ±80 degrees (as per the standard stocked NG2I, NG3I and NG4I locally stocked inclinometers. Please speak to our engineers about our other ranges for CanOpen or SIL Safety inclinometers.

The SEIKA Inclinometers have a simple mounting design that allows for just 2 bolts or screws to secure a mounting plate, that when loosened allows the inclinometers body to be rotated within the mounting bracket, allowing you to effectively calibrate the unit while measuring the output signal. 

Since inclinometers are often mounted in a harsh environment, all of the standard SEIKA inclinometers designs are also able to be supplied with a Sensor box housing and fixing plate for a more protected mounting of the inclinometer. 

There is also an Extreme Condition ruggedised enclosure option.

Please use the link to browse the range of Seika inclinometers on our website:

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