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ADM Systems is the number one authorised Mean Well Distributor in Australia.

We hold the largest stock of Mean Well power supplies in Australia. The fact that we hold stock means that you don’t have to. If you are having trouble finding a reliable Mean Well distributor in Australia give ADM a call.

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Many Mean Well power supplies are not available as standard with Australian Approvals from overseas suppliers. ADM tests and certifies many models of Mean Well power supplies, so that they are available to Australian industries. Contact ADM if you are struggling to find a Mean Well power supply with Australian approvals,

Since 1982, Mean Well has grown to be one of the leading standard switching power supply manufacturers in the world "Total Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction" are at the core of everything Mean Well does.

In Australia reliability, functionality and cost are of paramount importance. Mean Well gets this and it is Mean Well’s ability to produce a reliable power supply at an economical price that has made Mean Well one of the most highly regarded power supplies across a broad range of Australian industries.

That’s not all! Mean Well has a strong focus on innovation, releasing new products on a regular basis. Subscribe to the ADM Monthly Bulletins to ensure that you are across the latest product releases from Mean Well.

ADM’s range of Mean Well power supplies includes the following products:

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