Lutron Instruments Distributor Australia

Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and has since been Taiwan's leading Test & Measurement equipment manufacturer. Nowadays, there are about 100 employees and the factory's has grown to be around 6,410 square meters in area.

Lutron is strongly focused on bringing the most comprehensive and professional instruments to the market. Lutron has built an excellent global reputation for its high-quality products and remarkable R&D ability. 95% of Lutron’s products are exported to over 70 countries around the world. Being an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, you can be confident that all products meet a high level of quality.

To continually expand their product range to meet the market’s needs, Lutron invests significant resources in R&D to develop new products every year.

ADM stocks a wide range of Lutron test and measurement instruments. To browse our product range, please use the links below:

Handheld Pressure Meters and Vacuum Meters
Handheld Force Gauges and Torque Meters
Temperature, Humidity Measuring & Monitoring
Water Quality Meters
Handheld Digital Thermometers
Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters
Test & Calibration Instruments

Product Manager

the lutron product leader for ADM Systems Group, Mervin
Mervin Aaron Paul
ADM Lutron Instrument Product Leader

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