Harting Connectors


Australian Harting Distributor

ADM Instrument engineering is pleased to have been appointed as a distributor of Harting connectors.  

As an authorised Harting distributor, we carry stock of the most commonly used products in Australia. We are continually working on our stock profile and would welcome any input from our customers, who already use Harting connectors. 


Please contact us if there is a product that you frequently use, that you would like to see us stock. 

The Harting Han® industrial connectors are the perfect solution for many industrial applications here in Australia. 

Harting HAN Connectors
Harting HAN Connectors


They offer reliable and pluggable transmission of power, signal and data, and are manufactured to the highest standards.  

The rectangular heavy-duty standard housing gives you a modular, compact and lightweight connector that can deliver a wide range of solutions for machine builders and OEMs, the transport industry, energy generation and transmission projects, plus automotive and device connectivity applications.  

Identifying Your Replacement Harting Connector

Harting’s Han industrial modular connectors are used on heavy duty machinery all around Australia.

They are popular because of their rugged design, and they allow power, signals, data, and pneumatics to be carried in a single connector.  

Because they are modular, there is a vast range of configurations available.  

These configurations are made up of several components, each with its own part number.  

Naturally, there will be instances when these connectors are either damaged or experience wear and tear from many connection and disconnection cycles.  

Maintenance crews can sometimes have difficulty in identifying what components they need to repair the connector. This is usually because there is no part number stamped anywhere on the connector. Even if there were, it would probably only be the part number of the housing.  


ADM has been able to help many customers by identifying the Harting components required and supplying them from our stock.  

Usually, the easiest way to do this is to send us a photo of the connector that you need to replace or repair. 

Below are some examples of the photos we have received from customers. In each case we have been able to supply the customer with the replacement item required.

Harting Connector_1
Harting Connector_2
Harting Connector_3


If you would like help in sourcing a replacement Harting connector or component, please email a photo of the connector to sales@admtech.com.au.

Do not forget to include your phone number, so that we may call you if we need to ask you a few questions, so that we correctly identify the parts that you need. 

Like ADM, Harting is a 100% family owned and operated business. They are the world leaders of industrial connector solutions for the power, data and signal applications.  

This is a perfect fit for ADM, as many or our customers work with power applications, or in the industrial automation and process control space, where rugged and highly reliable connectors are a must. 

Please click on this link to browse the range of Harting connectors on our website: Industrial Connectors

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