Curiosity Technology Load Cells


Curiosity Technology

ADM is proud to represent Curiosity Technology in Australia.

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ADM Weight and Force Measurement Products

Established in 2001 Curiosity Technology has quickly established itself as a leading quality manufacturer of load cells.  The company holds ISO9001 quality certification as well as a number of patents for different load cell designs.

Curiosity technology offers a broad range of load cells and we invite you to browse through the range of load cells on this website.

The range consists of:

  • Beam Load Cells
  • Miniature Load Cells
  • Canister Load Cells
  • Single Point Load Cells
  • Tension Load Cells
  • Application Specific Load Cells
  • Load Cell Shackles and Pins

ADM Instrument Engineering also offers the Curiosity Technology range of Load Cell Displays and Load Cell Transmitters, enabling us to give you a complete load cell solution to your weighing / force measurement problem.

Speak to one of our expert team today to discuss the most appropriate load cell solution for your particular application.