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A, B, AB and O(h) have Ashland got a solution for you

Blood types are the same the world over - with just 3 letters and two symbols you can identify every one of the more than seven billion human beings on the planet. Many organisations work to keep each and every one healthy and happy and no-where is that more important than ensuring a safe blood supply. 

Blood banks around the world, including here in Australia turn to Ashland to help ensure that every drop is safe so recipients can relax and have peace of mind knowing that their transfusion is protected. Tainted blood is a big negative, but working with Ashland, on the other hand, is definitely positive.

At blood centres, Ashland's Rad-Sure™ indicators provide positive visual verification of the irradiated status of blood units. In addition, the Dose-Map™  calibration system validates the performance of blood irradiators providing peace of mind that blood is safe to use. This instant imaging film medium darkens when exposed to ionizing radiation providing easy to see visual proof of irradiation.  Hospitals can greatly reduce the risk of transfusion-related disease through irradiation of cellular blood products prior to transfusion. Be sure with Rad-Sure.

ADM is a proud distributor of Ashland products in Australia. Use the link below to browse the product range:

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Jonathan Brown

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