Plant Control and Automation (PCA) Joins the ADM Family

15 October 2021

ADM is excited to announce that as from 1st April 2019, Plant Control and Automation (PCA) was integrated into the ADM Systems group of companies. 

To download the formal announcement please click on the below link:

PCA ADM Change of Ownership Letter.pdf

PCA was founded in Sydney in 1968, by Adrian Smith who believed that a large proportion of industrial breakdown time could be avoided with the implementation of the then very new solid-state electronic technology.   

As the proliferation of electronic components grew Mr. Smith saw that rotary shaft encoders would gain much wider application and would complement PCA’s existing range of input transducers. In 1981 PCA commenced assembly in Australia of several the Hohner Germany and later Hohner UK products.  

Since that time PCA has made thousands of incremental encoders for Australian machinery. 

PCA incremental encoder
PCA absolute encoder


PCA’s well considered product range and expertise is a perfect fit with ADM’s existing process data, control and automation products, which will allow us to enhance our comprehensive service offering to customers involved in process and industrial automation, and to machine builders.  

ADM’s intends to continue the good work carried out by Adrian and his team and to maintain the customer service standards set by PCA.  

The integration of PCA into the ADM Group will result in a synergy that benefits both PCA and ADM customers. 

If you have any questions about this notice, please do not hesitate to contact ADM Systems


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