15 October 2021

You are probably aware that ADM is a family owned and run business. 

Established in 1986 by our Managing Director, Glenn Bates we have been in operation for more than 30 years. 

Since its inception, ADM has been a family focused business and with each growth milestone a new member of the Bates family has joined the team.  These include Vikki, Kristin, Jonathan, Grant, Ummi and Jared.

From these humble beginnings, which to date have included 5 site moves and an ever-expanding product range, the business has undergone significant growth and with it the introduction of additional staff which also have become family. 

Training the key to success

All new staff are instantly embraced and considered to be a part of the ADM family.  Welcome teas, barbeques, chats and lunches are all part of our induction.

Lunches are a family tradition at ADM, with as many of the team coming together throughout our lunch period to eat, catch up and chat.  You are bound to find meals, snacks and drinks for all to share together. 

And as we munch on our goodies, the daily ADM quiz is announced business wide so that all staff who are available can take part in the game.  The aim, to get as many questions right as a team and to outsmart the newspaper’s daily quiz masters.  We do pretty well and you are always bound to learn something new.

Birthdays at ADM are a fun affair with the entire team stopping to celebrate this special day.  Cake, candles and singing are the order of the day with the executive team going out of their way to find and order you your favourite cake even if its sourced from speciality bakers and shops. 

And if you are not in the office on your special day the family will wait until you are back and celebrate at the next best time.  So you see, team members cannot escape their birthdays because we will chase you, we will hunt you down and we will SING to you.

Special days for us also include the ADM family Christmas party, our annual family event and something all the ADM kids look forward to.  With 17 kids including 1 baby it’s a great way for all the kids to catch up and play.  It gets loud, it gets fun and it becomes infectious.

Being a part of a business family that wholly embraces all staff as its own is a culture that ADM is proud to hold and will continue to embrace as we move towards the future.

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