New ADM Staff 2017

If you have only recently started to purchase, or seek technical assistance from ADM you are probably not yet familiar with the ADM team members, who you may talk to on a regular basis.

ADM team days

While we work hard at ADM its always great to get the team together and celebrate as one unit. 

ADM a family business

You are probably aware that ADM is a family owned and run business. 

How internet is changing your customers behaviour

We recently came across a very interesting survey that had been conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).


If I were to ask you to rate your confidence with using LinkedIn, on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being “I don’t have a profile” and 10 being “Move over Karen and let me share my LinkedIn insights instead of you” where would you rate yourself?

Rhonda Stirton

In March 2016 we celebrated Rhonda Stirton's 25 years of service with ADM!