Plant Control and Automation PCA Logo

ADM is excited to announce that starting 1st April 2019, Plant Control and Automation (PCA) will be integrated into the ADM Systems group of companies. 

ADM welcomes new team members

ADM is delighted to welcome two new staff members to our team.  

Marketing perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can be a strength, particularly if you are a surgeon or working on mission critical projects.  

Don't spam your customers

There’s one good reason you shouldn’t send spam emails to your customers – they just don’t like it.  

Should I attend a trade show

Trade shows are a bit like print advertising, in that it is not easy to track exactly what role they play in generating new leads.  

ADM Price Lists

ADM offers wholesale pricing to Australian businesses. Price lists are available on request. 

make sure your website can be found

In our last marketing blog post, we highlighted the importance of having relevant content on your website.  

Schools back

We hope you have a peaceful and that the weather has been good enough for the kids to get out there and do stuff!  

ADM Customer Survey

ADM’s goal is to offer the best possible products and the best possible service to our customers.  

Why should I have a website?

Why should I have a website? This is probably a question that many small business owners ask themselves.