Kristin Brown

Kristin Brown

General Manager (Business Development)
0409 010 504

What do you actually do each day in your job?

Emails, emails and emails. I make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible inside the business. This includes financial management, marketing, relationship building with customers and suppliers.

What do you enjoy the most about your role at ADM?

Helping customers get solutions on time and on budget. I’m a strong believer in selling quality products to customers when they are needed. We really strive here at ADM to provide excellent customer service, quality products at good prices. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve how the business operates so we can stand up and be recognized as a company who delivers what they promise.

How long have you been working at ADM?

I have been at ADM since 2007. I started in a temporary capacity filling in some time during my maternity leave appointment from my previous role, but after a few weeks working with my dad (Glenn) I realised that I had a passion for running a local business and didn't want to go back.

Life outside ADM – tell us about it?

I have two boys Ollie (8) and Alex (7) and together with my husband (Jono) we love family holidays. My personal hobby is creating floral arrangements which you can view at