Adam Bellani, ADM Systems Pty Ltd

Adam Bellani

Sales Manager Power / Lighting
0402 084 394

What do you actually do each day in your job?

I manage a team of sales and product professionals who aim to effectively communicate the ADM message of superior service, great pricing, sufficient stock and technical support to our clients. The goal is to inform valued clients of any relevant products so they can make the decisions for greatest benefit to themselves.

With plenty of face to face customer and supplier contact, I try to stay well informed of market activities, trends and new technology so we as a company continue to grow and improve.

What do you enjoy the most about your role at ADM?

I get a real kick out of helping a client select the right product for their application and eventually enjoying the resulting business partnership. Getting to see the latest and greatest Australian made products hit the market, and knowing our products make it tick along gives me great satisfaction.

How long have you been at ADM?

I’ve been at ADM since July 2013. I was approached to join the company due to my previous experience in similar roles and hit the ground running because of my experience with our major product line.

Life outside ADM – tell us about it?

Being a father of two teenage children keeps me busy on weekends, ferrying between sporting events and parties. I love the beach, enjoy surfing and am lucky enough to spend plenty of time in a small beach house which we share with family. I try to keep active by exploring the nearby tracks on my mountain bike and enjoy work working in my spare time.