How ADM is Managing the Global Shortage of Materials

Managing the global shortage of materials
30 April 2021

The global pandemic has had an impact on the supply of components and materials around the world.

Most of our suppliers have advised us that lead times have stretched considerably.  

ADM is taking steps to maintain our stock holding.  

We are now planning much further ahead and have increased the stock holding of many products to compensate for the longer lead times.  

Another issue is the availability of shipping space. We have had some incoming shipments delayed by up to a month.  

How Customers Can Help 

Although you may not be able to place a firm order, it would be helpful to know of any upcoming future demand that we can consider when planning our stock orders. We will increase the quantity of stocked items we are ordering if feasible to do so. 

If you are working on new projects or designs, we strongly recommend designing in a stocked item where possible. This will reduce your risk of running into a stock outage scenario at a critical moment, as many special-order items are taking longer to come in.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact ADM