Providing a Safe Work Environment with Endemic COVID

Providing a Safe Work Environment with Endemic COVID
3 February 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other companies, ADM has adapted our work practices so that our team could live and work with the virus as safely as possible.

The measures we have taken during the pandemic include ensuring our staff wear masks indoors, encouraging them to get vaccinated, and allowing staff members to take unlimited personal leave if they are unable to work due to coming into contact with the virus.

We also struggled through some very tough periods when we minimised staff presence in our main Melbourne warehouse, so we had a ‘reserve’ and ‘second reserve’ team in case our order processing/distribution and technical teams were hit by an outbreak(s)… luckily, we avoided this, but these were tough periods for everyone, but especially so for those working with about 1/3 our normal on-site workforce. 

Although working from home is an option for some of our team, there are many work functions that can only be carried out in one of our buildings. Picking and packing of orders being one of the most obvious examples, but as a technical wholesaler, we cannot function without the ability to test/modify/repair products as needed. 

Therefore, as COVID-19 moves from being a pandemic to being endemic, we are now taking further measures to ensure the comfort and safety of our staff. 

Providing a Safe Work Environment with Endemic COVID

The definition of an endemic is the normal circulation of a virus in a specified location over time. Other endemic viruses in Australia include Ross River virus in tropical areas. Practices and procedures are in place to limit exposure to this virus, so that it does not have any dramatic impact on the health of the population. The same needs to apply for COVID-19. 

Like many businesses, we especially want to support those team members who are in an at risk COVID group. But, as a business, we remain of the position that the overwhelming majority of our work is best performed on-site (which includes customer visits). Moving forward, we need to ensure that we strive to ensure we do our best to make our work environment as safe as possible. 

Air Purification

One of the projects we have started on is the use of air purification equipment at all our office/warehouse locations. 

This phase of our COVID-19 response will be implemented over the next few weeks.  

The scope of the project includes factors such as: 

  • Selecting equipment that is suitable for our wide array of different workspaces. 

  • Ensuring the equipment is fit for purpose. 

  • Delivering an effective solution within a reasonable budget. 

We know this is likely to be of interest to many of our readers. Therefore, we will be sharing the outcome of this project, including details of the equipment we decide upon, the cost of implementation, and the benefits it brings to our team.  

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