Business Book Review – Systemology by David Jenyns

15 October 2021

This book is relevant for owners of businesses large and small, and managers working within businesses, and I certainly found it to be relevant in my role as Marketing Manager at ADM.

I would say that most business owners and managers know that you need to have systems in place for things to run smoothly. But some of our systems aren’t as good as they could be.  

Before reading this book, I would have said that I was pretty good at putting systems in place, but what I learnt from this book is that I had plenty of room for improvement.

The one thing that most of us probably overlook is having a system for creating a system. In a nutshell this is what this book gives you.  

The book will only be of a benefit to you if you are open minded to the fact that the systems you have created, your babies, are probably not as perfect as you first thought.  

I have lost count of the number of business books I have started to read and given up on. Too many start off by making promises on the benefits you will gain by reading the book, and then proceed with chapter after chapter of repeating that promise and fluffing up the feathers of the author. They seem to take forever to get to the point, by which time I have usually given up.  

This book is different. It was easy to read, had a logical flow and included practical examples, case studies and action lists that you can use to improve your system building capabilities. 

I would mark this book as a must read for business owners and managers alike.  

Stephen Lilley ADM Marketing Manager
Stephen Lilley, Marketing Manager