MicSig Tablet Oscilloscope



ADM Instrument Engineering is proud to bring MicSig’s remarkable Tablet Oscilloscopes to Australia.

MicSig is a professional manufacturer of in-field of test & measurement instrumentation, with a particular focus on tablet oscilloscopes. They hold a number of patents on their innovative design.

Micsig has managed to develop a user interface to the point where a touch screen is now practical to use on an oscilloscope. We think Micsig has done a good job of making a complex process a lot easier.

Micsig’s tablet oscilloscopes are used all over the worldwide in aerospace, automotive, communication, military, power, and education applications to name just a few.

Micsig products are currently available in more than thirty countries.

You can download the MicSig Tablet Oscilloscope datasheet from our website. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of our expert team, if you have any questions regarding this new innovative oscilloscope.