Meret s.r.o


MERET s.r.o. (Pty Ltd), was established in 1990 in order to participate in industries like chemical, power, food and beverages and all other modern types of production companies.

MERET has effectively implemented hundreds of technical solutions that have been considered highly innovative and cost effective, within a quick delivery time.

MERET is currently developing and producing manometers, pressure transducers, thermometers, calorimeters, various types of transmitters, data loggers, displays and controllers.

Products from MERET can be found in nuclear, hydro and thermal power stations, in water treatment plants, mines, agriculture, manufacture, mobile or stationary devices of military equipment, and in tank farms of petrochemical refineries etc.

Meret belongs to a group of companies certified with the highest credibility in the Slovak Republic, a member of the European Union. The company has met the highest standards of reliability and stability, and therefore falls within the exclusive group of 3.7% of Slovak companies which can use certification as a symbol of high credit ratings.

The management systems certification body Eucert s.r.o. accords certificates to confirm that Meret s.r.o. has implemented and is continually improving its management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2009, in the area of manufacturing, sale and installation of measuring and control technology.

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ADM Pressure Sensing and Measurement