Book Review: Epic Content Marketing

EPIC Content Marketing: Joe Pulizzi

With a plethora of amazing information that will lead you to content marketing heaven, Epic Content Marketing (ECM as we like to call it) certainly delivers, giving you insights into the how to of content marketing.

Divided into 5 parts you will learn about the history of content marketing, how to develop your niche, the process of managing your content marketing, how to become an awesome storyteller and making content work for you.

With insights and examples from many recognisable brands, ECM is the definitive guide to exploding your content marketing.  It will teach you how to become a media company, how to reach your customers through the noise and distraction that content can become but also how to engage your reader so that you can inspire them to act.

From an Australian perspective, Epic Content Marketing can teach us much about the new marketing.  Despite the difference in business cultures between Australia and the US (from where the book originates) the book provides many resources that Australian businesses can come away with and implement.

It is an honest, well thought out and easy to read book teaching you about the business of content marketing.  As a reader, the note taking hasn’t stopped and it has further twigged my curiosity for an ever-evolving field of business.

So, let the reading continue.

If you would like to purchase the book you can visit Booktopia (not sponsored) or any local bookshop.

or if you would like to borrow the book from a library the call number is 992065.1

Kristin Brown
General Manager – Business development

Kristin Brown