2019 ADM Price Lists now Available

New ADM Price Lists

The 2019 edition of the ADM pricelists were released on Monday 11th February. 

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Price Lists Available

  • ADM 2019 February LED Power & Lighting Control Pricelist
  • ADM 2019 February Industrial Power Pricelist
  • ADM 2019 February Eurothem Process Data & Control Pricelist
  • ADM 2019 February Test & Measurement Instrumentation Pricelist
  • ADM 2019 Transducers & Load Cells Price List

MEAN WELL Price Changes 

Many items remain unchanged, although MEAN WELL has made some modest price increases to their older models of power supplies. This is because they have released many newer models, which are more cost effective to manufacture.  

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM if you would like to see if there is a newer, lower cost model available. 

In many cases the newer models offered by MEAN WELL also offer a specification improvement, and in some cases a longer warranty period.  

New Price List for LED Power Supplies & Lighting Control Products 

To make it easier to find the pricing information you need, we have published a dedicated price list for the LED power and lighting control products. Therefore, the MEAN WELL price list has been replaced with these new price lists: 

  • LED Power and Control Products 

  • Industrial Power Products 

This will make it easier for both users of industrial power supplies and LED lighting products to browse the price lists. 

Lutron Test and Measurement Price List 

Lutron products are considerably more cost effective than other well-known brands for a couple of reasons. 

First, most Lutron test and measurement devices will only have the functions that you need. 

Secondly, Lutron has invested heavily in the latest automated production methods and select the latest electronic components available. This keeps the number of components in the device to a minimum and keeps production costs low. The savings are passed on to you as the consumer. 

If you are not familiar with Lutron, you can read more about the company by clicking on the following link: 

Lutron Company Profile 

Pricing Reviews 

ADM’s pricing reviews are generally a result of suppliers issuing new price lists for us to follow. Other factors we review include foreign currency exchange rates and the cost of shipping.  

ADM only passes on costs to customers that are unavoidable. If the opportunity arises for us to pass savings on to our customers, we will do so.

More Favourable Freight Terms 

We want to thank our customers who have taken the trouble to complete our customer surveys. Your feedback has been valuable and there have been some good suggestions regarding our freight charges. 

As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have revised our freight charges.  

We no longer have a weight limit on our flat rate freight charges. 

Melbourne & Perth metro: $15.00 + GST 

All other areas: $20+ GST 

This applies to road freight only, there is still a 5kg limit on airbags.  

We have also reduced the free freight threshold from deliveries with a value of at least $10,000, to deliveries with a value of at least $1000 (ex GST).  

Further Information 

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Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 236 467 if you have any questions or concerns about the new price lists.